Mathomics is a collaborative research group of the Center for Mathematical Modeling and the Center for Genome Regulation at University of Chile, created to play a central role in the development of biotechnological projects, providing state of the art bioinformatics and mathematical modeling tools, allowing to face these problems from the point of view of Systems Biology.

Mathomics works forming strategic alliances around projects with universities, research centers, public or private companies.

Mathomics is born from the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Mathematics of the Genome at the Center for Mathematical Modeling and its strategic activities since year 2003 in biomining bioinformatics, in association with the company BioSigma S.A. and the Fondef project D04I1257.


To be a collaborative research group in advances biosciences and bioinformatics that creates and uses new techniques in machine learning, mathematical modeling and systems biology to produce solutions to biotechnological problems for the productive sector, natural resources, human health, regulations and subjects of public interest.


We visualize this group like a research and technological partner inserted in international networks, that incorporates permanently emergent technologies in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, metabolic engineering and bioinformatics, and which is a counterpart of public and private institutions at national and regional level, to do research in advanced biosciences and to develop biotechnological solutions to problems in industrial sector, human health, natural resources and of public interest.


Mathomics is located at the Center for Mathematical Modeling, Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Chile.
Address: Beauchef 851, North Building, 6th floor, Santiago – Chile
Phone: +56 2 2978 4456