Applied Research Projects

Ongoing Projects


Grant STICTA Biological Spa and Good Food Institute 2024-2026

Metabolic Modeling to improve the production of cultivated meat

Ocean Genomics and AI:

Key Ocean Planktonic Areas – KOPAs (FFEM – Tara Foundation)

Grant Exploración ANID 2023-2025: Deciphering the regulatory architecture of microbial communities

Finished Projects


Grant Fondecyt: 2019-2023

Non-coding RNA global transcriptional regulatory network activated by metals in Enterococcus faecalis

Grant Fondecyt: 2015- 2018

Metal metabolism in soil bacterial communities from an extreme environment: a comparative genomics analysis 

Health Sciences:

Neuromed: 2017-2019

Neuromed: an informatic platform to integrate genotypic and phenotypic data of children neurological diseases at Hospital Clínico San Borja Arriarán, Chile. 

Grant Fondef D10I1007 (Main Institution: Fac. Medical Sciences. U. Chile): 2012-2015

Genomics of Chilean populations: genetic profiles necessaries in clinic research, public health and forensic medicine 

Grant National Cancer Institute USA (Main Institution: GOCCHI): 2012-2015

Molecular profile of breast cancer at clinical stages II and III in Latinamerican women receiving a standard reference treatment

Grant Fondecyt 1110427: 2011- 2015

Gene regulatory network of iron metabolism in E. faecalis: functional analysis of Fur, perR and Zur regulon

Grant Fondecyt 1071083: 2007-2010

Transcriptional changes induced by copper in E. faecalis: identification of gene regulatory network


Grant CORFO: 2019-2029

Center for Translational Biotechnology (consortium led by SOFOFA)

Grant Corfo 09CN14-585 (Main Institution BioSigma S.A.): 2010-2012

Application of metabolomics to the mining industry to improve processes associated with the bioleaching of mineral resources

Grant FONDEF D04I-1257 (Main institution CMM, U. Chile):

Development of scientific and technological capacity in mathematical modeling and simulation for the control of biological networks in production processes. Application to bacterial bioleaching

Research agreement BioSigma S.A. – U. de Chile: 2003- 2010

Information BioMining Laboratory

Agroindustrial sector:

INNOVA-Corfo Project (Main Researcher: Verónica Cambiazo, U. Chile): 2015-2018

Kits to detect bacterial contaminants in the wine production. 

Grant Fondef G07I1002 
(Main institution INIA, Chile): 2008-2012

Identification of genes related to berry development and growth in seedless table grapes by means of functional genomics

Research agreement INIA & CMM-U. de Chile: 2010-2013

* Implementation of a database with the potato genome and transcriptomics data of genotypes DM and RH. Implementation of bioinformatics tools to explore this database, allowing to identify specific sequences (genes, markers, etc.) and including a way to associate genetic and physical maps, and its sequence. This project is part of the grant “Fortalecimiento de Capacidades Regionales en Biotecnología a través de la Exploración y Valoración del Genoma de la Papa, un Cultivo de las Américas”

* Sequencing project of ‘Sultanina’

Grant Fundación Copec-UC CC025 (Main institution U. Chile): 2008-2010

Bio-identification system of communities of microorganisms relevant to a production system: application to poultry and wine industries


The International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome (ICSASG) (Chile-Norway-Canada): 2010-2018

Sequencing and Assembly of Atlantic salmon. 

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (Main Institution: U. Chile): 2015-2018

Sequencing and Assembly of salmon Chinook.

INNOVA-Corfo Project (Main Institution: Aquainnovo): 2016-2018.

Development of a SNP-chip for Tilapia genomic selection. 

Grant Fondecyt: 2016- 2019

Comparative and functional genomic analysis of the interaction between P. salmonis and its host.

Grant Corfo-INNOVA 07CN13PBT-41 (Main institution Fac. Medical Sciencies, U. Chile): 2008-2011

Salmon Genomics: Identification of genes associated with the use of vegetable oils and proteins in nutrition of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout

Newton-Picarte Fondef Project (Main Institution: U. Chile-AquaInnovo): 2015-2016

Development of an integrative strategy for the genetic improvement of the resistance against Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (Piscirickettsia salmonis) in salmonid species using molecular information

INNOVA-CORFO Project (Main Institution: AquaInnovo): 2015-2016

Development of a biotechnological platform for exporting genetic services to improve warm water species aquaculture in America applying genomic selectionBiofuel Industry: 

Grant Fondecyt 11090234 (Main Researcher: Nicole Ehrenfeld): 2010-2013

Transcriptomic and genetic engineering studies in lipid accumulating microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata.