International Research Cooperation

Project Key Ocean Planktonic Areas (FFEM – TARA Foundation) 2023-2027

Project INRIA -Challenge: OceanIA (coordinated by INRIA-Chile) 2020-2024

Member of CNRS Federation GO-SEE 2018-2027

GO-SEE – Global Oceans Systems Ecology & Evolution. This research federation includes unites 9 French partners (including the ‘Tara Expeditions’ Foundation) and 11 international teams in order to address fundamental issues in ocean ecology and evolution and applied blue biotechnology.

INRIA Associate team: SymBioDiversity 2020-2024

The project aims at developing methods combining data-mining, reasoning and mathematical modeling to efficiently analyze massive data about microbial biodiversity in extreme environment and identify families of species which characterize the environment.

INRIA Associate team IntegrativeBioChile: 2011-2013 & 2014-2016

Mathomics is an associate team of INRIA-France through the project IntegrativeBioChile developed in collaboration with the Dyliss team at INRIA-Rennes.

This project used mathematical and computational methods in order to explore and integrate heterogeneous biological data and be able to produce reliable interaction networks at regulatory and metabolic level.

Member of CIRIC Project INRIA-Chile: 2012-2014

CIRIC is a Center of Excellence created in 2012 dedicated to investigation and innovation in technologies of information and communications (ICT). It is an IINRIA project funded for ten years, executed with nine Chilean universities and supported by CORFO.

Mathomics is the leader of the Omics Sciences research line. It includes genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics. Our aims is to develop a bioinformatics platform and to structure a set of consulting services based on modules to integrate and analyze large sets of heterogeneous omics data, in order to produce networks of biological interaction and biomarkers involved in a productive system.

This project is developed in cooperation with two INRIA teams in France:

  1. Bamboo: An algorithmic view on genomes, cells, and environments. Leader: Marie FranceSagot (
  2. Dyliss: Dynamics, logics and inference for biological systems and sequences. Leader: Anne Siegel (