Genomics & Metagenomics

Mathomics provides the service of analysis of sequences obtained through any sequencing technologies. Today Mathomics has collaborated in various international and national projects, such as the sequencing of Solanum tuberosumSalmon salar and Vitis vinifera, among others, as well as the analysis of RNA-Seq transcriptomic sequences of Nannochloropsis salina  and Vitis vinifera, the assembly of different bacteria and the identification of metagenomic samples. These activities have generated experience and ability to process large volumes of data and the development and implementation of various visualization tools, based on public standards and using free software tools, proposing solutions and workflows for different types of data analysis.

These include:

1 .- Assembly and annotation of sequences:

Assembly of transcriptomic or genomic sequences, CDS identification, functional characterization with different databases and domain search through InterPro scan, identification of Orthologs.

2 .- Mapping:

Mapping to reference genomes and collaboration in the development of genotyping platforms using molecular markers such as SNPs or microsatellites. Bioinformatics and statistical support.

3 .- Analysis of RNA-Seq data type (analysis of gene expression):

Assembly of transcripts, identification of differentially expressed genes, searching and identification of SNPs and isoforms.

4 .- Metagenomics:

Metagenomics data processing, 16S rRNA identification, taxonomic classification using supervised and unsupervised methods, functional characterization and identification of metabolic profiles, comparative Metagenomics. Genome reconstruction and Web visualization using customized JCVI Metarep platform.

5 .- Implementation and/or customization of various visualization tools:

Genome Browser (Gbrowse2), GenDB, Biomart, Web blast, etc.