High Performance Computing

Mathomics has a preferent access to the computing facilities of the Center for Mathematical Modeling and the new center NLHPC – National Laboratory for High Performance Computing. Today we are connected to an IBM cluster of 512 Intel Xeon processors.

Servers & Storage

  1. Dell PowerEdge R910, 4X  Intel® Xeon® X7560 2.26GHz (32 Cores ), 1TB Memory (64x16GB), 3 X  600GB 10K RPM SAS Hard Drive (1800 GB).
  2. IBM Server, 4X  Intel® Xeon® X7350 2.93GHz(16 Cores), 116 Gb Memory, 2 X 70GB 15K RPM SAS Hard Drive(140GB).
  3. Server, Intel®Core®2 Quad  Q9550 2.83GHz(4 cores), 8 GB Memory, 1 X 750GB  7.2K RPM SATA Hard Drive (750GB).
  4. Sun Server, 4 X  Intel® Xeon® 3.20GHz(4 Cores), 4GB Memory, 1 X 160GB 7.2K RPM SATA Hard Drive (160GB). 
  5. 4 Servers, Intel® Pentium® 4  2.40GHz, 2GB Memory, 1 X 160GB 7.2K RPM SATA Hard Drive (160GB).
  6. Over 32 TB of storage capacity