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Mathomics is part of TARA Mission Microbiome 2021-2022

Mathomics is one of the research groups of the new TARA Oceans expedition Mission Microbiome and the Program CEODOS in Chile.

After unveiling the secrets of plankton for the past 10 years and raising public awareness about plastic pollution at sea, the Tara Ocean Foundation and scientific partners will now study the functioning of the Ocean’s microorganisms and their sensitivity to rising temperatures and marine pollution.

For almost two years the schooner will sail 70,000 kilometers across the South Atlantic Ocean, along the South American coasts, in the Antarctic Ocean and off the coast of West Africa. The Tara team will make 23 stopovers, meeting local communities, decision makers and researchers.

Designed in collaboration with many partners – including 38 international scientific institutions within the framework of the European project AtlantEco – and the program CEODOS from Chile the Microbiome Mission will help us understand the services provided by this essential ecosystem of the Ocean – its microbiome – an increasingly crucial challenge for scientific research.

Mathomics starts new project OcéanIA

The French Institute for Research in Digital Sciences and Technologies, Inria Chile, announced the “OcéanIA” project, a challenge that seeks through artificial intelligence tools, machine learning and mathematical modeling, to contribute to understanding and find new responses to global warming, through understanding the ocean, biodiversity, its changes and effects.

The initiative will be fed with historical data from more than 10 years of the ocean, complemented by marine samples obtained by the Microbiome Mission of the Fondation Tara Océan, which on December 12 set sail from Lorient in France, bound for Chilean waters.

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Mathomics become part of CNRS Federation Go-SEE

On September 12 2018, the GO-SEE Research Federation (Ecology and Evolution of Global Ocean Systems) was launched looking for the modeling of the global plankton system.
There are eleven international research institutions that seek to understand the fundamental principles of evolution and ecology by modeling life in the oceans and making sense of it through the use of different probabilistic techniques, dynamic systems and data science. This group includes the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile as an International Mixed Unit of the CNRS in France. The initiative is led by the Tara Foundation, under the supervision of the same CNRS, CEA, IRD, five French universities and EMBL.

The objective of the federation is to discover the structure and dynamics of the plankton ecosystem at a temporal and spatial level on the planet. This will do so taking into account species and taxonomic approaches. The research will allow a planetary modeling based for the first time on the reality of the biological complexity of the ecosystem.

It will gather 12 scientific disciplines and implement the latest technologies in plankton collection, DNA sequencing, automatic imaging, mathematics, bioinformatics and physics for the holistic study of the ocean. These investigations initiate a crucial process in the understanding and modeling of the Earth system.
The work will be able to describe the dependencies and interactions between the biological, physicochemical and climatic data of the ocean. An ambition that is only possible thanks to recent developments in mathematical modeling and data science.

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